Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story

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Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story “Romeo and Juliet” is a very popular story of two star-crossed lovers and there is hatred between their families, which has three popular movie versions. These are the Franco Zefirelli’s version, Baz Luhrman’s version and the West Side Story. They are all based in the story of “Romeo and Juliet” but they are made differently especially in the setting, language, and some of their content. At the same time, there are also many similarities between these three movie versions of “Romeo and Juliet”. The Similarities between the Zefirelli and the Luhrman is the use of the Shakespearean language and the difference is their settings. While, the similarities between the Zefirelli and West Side Story is that they both follow the story of “Romeo and Juliet” although they are different in the setting and language that is used. West side Story and Lurman is similar in the setting they used, more modern, but different in how they have made the story and also the language used. So, these three movie versions of the “Romeo and Juliet” have differences and similarities between them. Franco Zeferelli made “Romeo and Juliet” very traditional that it really uses a balcony to show the balcony scene. Also, the music is very traditional and they use the Shakespearean language. While, Luhrman’s setting is very modern. In the balcony scene of Luhrman, there is a balcony but Juliet instead of going out from the balcony, she goes out the elevator down where Romeo is and she talks while walking beside the pool. Also, Luhrman uses the Shakespearean language even though the setting is different. On the other hand, the West Side Story is very different especially on the setting they used for the balcony scene of “Romeo and Juliet”. On their balcony scene, they are on the fire exit stairs and they use modern language instead of the Shakespearean

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