Romeo and Juliet - an Essay on Love and Hate

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The tragic drama Romeo and Juliet revolved around what it meant to be a human being, the opposites and parallels of both love and hate, the emotions which built the foundations of all people and all empires. Shakespeare’s tale of “a pair of star-crossed lovers” that belonged to “two households, both alike in dignity... (who) from ancient grudge break to new mutiny,” can be considered one of literatures most eternal and everlasting tragedies. Romeo and Juliet, though set in Italy, does contemplate what it meant to be a human being during sixteenth century England to Shakespeare’s viewers through the foundations of love, hate, life and death. Throughout Romeo and Juliet, neither these two characters or their viewers were either prepared or expecting the emotions and neo-platonic love that was to strike them as would cupid’s arrow yet neither did they anticipate the grief, destruction, death or hate that would follow their unity. The destinies of both Romeo and Juliet, the pair of “star-crossed lovers,” determined by the stars of the Elizabethan era, led viewers of the tragic drama to believe that the love, death and hatred that cursed throughout the society of Verona was needed for the outcome of peace and reconciliation. Shakespeare has seen that the tale of “a pair of star-crossed lovers” was much more than just a love story but rather a guiding light of purity in the incredibly cruel and dark time which affected all people, leaving viewers feeling emotionally cleansed of all turmoils. Romeo and Juliet is a tragic drama that was based partly on the types and evolutions of passion felt by the people of society during the Elizabethan era, from the adoring love of Romeo and Juliet to the fervent beliefs of Lady Capulet and the vehement admonishments of Juliet by Capulet. Love, as in Romeo and Juliet, is a grand passion that can overwhelm a person as
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