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How does Taylor use structure and language to evote terror? This Essay analyse the terror on chapter 3 when there was an attack on the white school bus. How does Taylor show there is fear around in the short sentences she has used. How can we tell there is going to be danger. Richard Kwaning Mrs England English 9X1 Richard Kwaning 2nd October 2014 Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry What has just Happened? Cassie and her brothers have just set on an attempt to stop the white school from always splashing away and creating their clothes and belongings dirty with dirt. It had just rained and during lunch an idea sparked to go create a deep ditch which the school bus could fall through. Their plan worked and the white school couldn’t use the bus for quite some time. Cassie and the boys were rejoicing home. As soon as they got home tension rose and the whole house seem to know about the ditch, however they Mama didn’t mention if Cassie and her brothers were involved she was just glad they didn’t fall in themselves. Taylor has exaggerated how deeply Cassie and her brothers were at home, laughing. Just then Mr Avery bangs on the door arrives in and drama is provoked with Mama, after opening Mr Avery, saying “Why, Brother Avery, what are you doing here at this time.” This shows that there was be a huge problem to summon Mr Avery to come to the Logans at this time. What Sparks the terror on Mr. Avery’s arriving? The atmosphere was calm until Mr. Avery came in, what he said created terror. We can see terror since Cassie is an inadequate narrator, she lacks knowledge and is naïve, she doesn’t understand what the adults are talking about since Taylor has limited the the speech of the adults not to give away to much, “`it’s … it’s them again. They’re ridin’ t’night` Mama, her face pale and frightened…” This instantly creates and atmosphere of suspense and terror

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