Role Of Fear In A Christmas Carol

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Matthew Diemand E Block 12/17/14 A Christmas Carol: Horror But Hope Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, A Christmas Carol, tells the story of a bitter old man named Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation into a gentle, kind person after visitations by the ghost of his former business partner, Jacob Marley, and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come. The ghost of Christmas past shows Scrooge many memories of him as a younger, more cheerful self and how he eventually became lonely. The ghost of Christmas present showed Scrooge how everyone happily celebrated the holiday, rich or poor, while the ghost of Christmas future revealed how no one will fondly remember Scrooge when he dies. These visions cause him to change and become a jolly and happy person. This novel, although it ends happily, is sad and somber throughout. Most of the book depicts a old man, revealing how he hates people and people hate him back. Although most of the novel is dark, it does have a ray of light. Scrooge manages to alter the sad future…show more content…
Many people went and took his personal belongings from his shop and no one felt even the slightest remorse. On page 51, one of these people said, “What is the matter with him. I thought he’d never die”. Many people also express relief form the fact of Scrooges death because they now don’t owe him money. All the evidence is there and it proves why this tale is one of caution. The story warns the reader that if you were mean and greedy, no one would like you. Also, the book shows how a man like Scrooge would not leave a positive impact on the world. One of the biggest fears in life is to die alone without leaving some sort of positive impact on the earth, or at the very least in one persons life. People should take caution in these facts, so that they can live their lives happily and not obtain the same unfortunate fate as
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