Compare the Descripition of Four Ghosts in “a Christmas Carol; Which Do You Think Is the Most Effective and Why?

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In my essay I will write about a Christmas carol. A Christmas carol was written by Charles Dickens in 1843, 19 December. In the story the main character is Ebenezer Scrooge who is a stingy, greedy mean man who is visited by four different ghosts. The four ghosts whose names are the ghost of Jacob Marley the ghost who warns Scrooge to change his ways. If he doesn’t then he will be visited by three different ghosts. Marley was the first ghost to visit Scrooge. The second ghost, the ghost of Christmas past was sympathetic towards Scrooge. The ghost of Christmas present was big and jolly. The ghost of Christmas yet to come was a quiet, scary cloaked figure and just pointed. The author gives different descriptions for the ghost to make it interesting for the reader and to show the different sides to Scrooge’s personality. Dickens wrote this book for the rich people to know that it is not good not to share with poor people. Scrooge was a selfish man; stingy, greedy and mean. Nobody likes Scrooge and poor people were scared to go near Scrooge. This is shown when it states: ‘No warmth could warm no wintry weather could chill him”. Even the blinds dogs could sense that Scrooge was an unkind man. Ebenezer Scrooge was an evil man Scrooge hated Christmas. If poor people went to Scrooge and begged for money Scrooge didn’t give to them. Scrooge always wore black clothes. Ebenezer Scrooge was warned by the ghost of Jacob Marley that if you don’t change your ways you will be visited by three different ghosts. Jacob Marley was the first ghost to visit Scrooge. Jacob died seven years earlier. Marley when he was alive, he didn’t socialise with other people and he too was a mean, greedy man. So now that he is dead he has to stay between the living and the dead attached to chains. This is a purgatory. Marley was a conventional ghost .We knows this because “his body was
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