Riverside Motor Inn Case Study

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Executive Summary The Riverside Motor Inn has been around around for 22 years and is located in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. It has a 34 room capacity and charges $55 a night. The inn has its very own pub called the “Chapters Lounge”. What separates Chapters from other bars is that it offers a small quiet environment. The lounge use to bring in a steady amount of revenue but as of late has taken a heavy dip in performance. With the loss of their long time popular bartender “DJ” and the recent opening of the Pirates Pub has caused many issues with the amount of money they are bringing in. The average monthly revenue in 1996 was $5555.55 and is now $3140 for 1997. GM Ronald Veinot is giving Heidi Smith a week or so to come up with some fresh ideas…show more content…
The second would be to hire a marketing expert to help increase the publicity of the bar. And lastly, the lounge could start to have weekly live entertainment from big name artists. Hiring a marketing expert to increase publicity and popularity is the recommendation. The best possible scenario is that the Chapters lounge would regain its popularity and the amount of guests will increase exponentially causing the amount of monthly revenue to go up by 88% in the first year. The worst scenario is that the publicity doesn’t help and people continue to go to the other bars and this would cause the revenue to keep dropping. It is doubtful that the marketing will do nothing. Increased publicity should increase traffic and volume. The first thing that has to be done is locating the best marketing managers we can afford. This should be done by the end of November. The the salary for the manager shouldn't be anymore than $5700 a month. Local newspapers and magazines need to be contacted and ads should be put in. The Super Bowl is in February so something should be done to get a commercial spot. A web ad should be made as well. These should be a good start. The biggest step should be to get the popularity of the

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