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MA3110: Week 3 Measures of Center Exercise 3.1 Calculating Measures of Center 1. Consider a football team for whom the numbers on the active players’ jerseys are 29, 41, 50, 58, 79,…, 10 (listed in alphabetical order of the players’ names). Does it make sense to calculate the mean of those numbers? Why or why not? No, because there is no sense in calculating there jersey numbers but stats maybe. 2. The Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit rating scores obtained in a simple random sample are listed below: A. Mean Median Mode Midrange 760.92 753 no mode 733 B. No, the mean here is 760.92 much higher. 3. A student earned grades of 92, 83, 77, 84, and 82 on her five regular tests. She earned grades of 88 on the final exam and 95 on her class projects. Her combined homework grade was 77. The five regular tests count for 60% of the final grade, the final exam counts for 10%, the project counts for 15%, and homework counts for 15%. What is her weighted mean grade? Test Grades (92+83+77+84+82)/5=83.3 Test grade 83.3x 0.60= 49.98 Final exam 88 x 0.10= 8.8 Class project 95 x 0.15= 14.25 Homework 77 X 0.15= 11.55 Total Grade 84.58 4. Convert Bao’s height to a z-score. Bao’s Height 92.5 Men’s standard height 69.6 Standard deviation 2.8 Z=( 92.5-69.6)/2.8 Z=8.18 Yes, because he is variance is much higher at 8.18

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