Case Study: The Backwards BCS

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The Backwards BCS The Backwards BCS Bill Reitz Excelsior College The Backwards BCS Abstract To provide the reader with a working knowledge of the components that comprise the Bowl Championship Series. The Backwards BCS The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Must Go The Bowl Championship Series is a corrupt and wrong headed system. The BCS has about as much chance of determining a true national champion as one legged man in a rear end kicking contest. This bizarre system in which a combination of data entered into a series of computer programs, votes from coaches,…show more content…
The initial problem with the BCS is that it ignores the fact that there are over 50 universities, in 5 conferences that fall under the BCS umbrella that will never get the chance to play for a national title (1). The BCS simply ignores these schools, categorizing them as Non-BCS, unless one or two of them is uppity enough to have an undefeated season. In that case the BCS will extend a special invitation to said school(s) to play in a BCS game. (1) It is never the national championship game to which these schools are invited. It is always one of the minor BCS games. The national championship game is reserved for the winner of the Southeastern Conference and a team to be determined. Which brings us to the second major problem with the BCS; it has become a matter of course that the Southeastern Conference champion is going to play for the national title. This further limits the field of potential title contenders by insuring that 1 of 12 teams…show more content…
Since 2002, only two teams that were ranked outside of the preseason top 10 in the coach’s poll have played for a BCS championship. One of those teams, the 2010 Auburn Tigers, was guaranteed a berth by winning the SEC championship game. (2) The inconsistencies in the BCS system are rampant. For instance there is a special sub set of rules that apply only to Notre Dame, a school classified as independent due to their lack of conference affiliation. In this rule sub set Notre Dame automatically qualifies for a BCS berth if they finish higher than ninth in the final BCS poll. (1) These same rules do not apply to Army, Navy and Brigham Young who are also independent. (1) So why does Notre Dame have a special set of rules? The answer is simple; money. Everything that the BCS does and is comes down to the almighty dollar. Notre Dame wants to maintain its status as an independent so that they (Notre Dame) can keep all

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