Risk and Quality Management Assessment Summary

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Risk and Quality Management Assessment Summary x HCS/451 October 2, 2012 x Risk and Quality Management Assessment Summary The organization that I have chosen to research is University Hospital located in Augusta Georgia. This hospital was established in the year of 1818 with a positive purpose of delivering and improving health care to the community. University hospital offers an infinite amount of services such as, cancer and pediatric to vascular and heart services. In order to ensure a speedy recovery, University provides patients with state-of-the-art treatment and prompt care. University hospital is a non-profit community hospital containing 581 beds. They are accredited by the joint commission and were also chosen 11 years in a row as winner of the National Research Corporation’s Consumer choice award. With more than 3,000 employees and 300 volunteers, University Hospital also has an estimate of 600 private and independent physicians, courtesy, consulting and associate staff that are on duty. Risk management is described as the process of making and carrying out decisions that will assist in the prevention of adverse events and reduce the effects of those events. (Shannon, 2012) If an organization follows the steps in risk management in a health care setting it would have a positive effect on communication between departments that are collaborating. Risk management can also have a positive effect on containing and reducing risks by cutting costs and improving process efficiency. In historical times organizations in health care would work independently to solve their own issues. Organizations that manage their risks in a reactive manner such as this had negative results in spending and important patterns and trends were being overlooked because the departments did not share certain information. It is said that organizations today use strategic risk

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