Service Line Dev Task 1

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Trinity Community Hospital is a 150 bed facility located in the southeast United States. The hospital currently offers the following services: internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, gastroenterology, urology, otolaryngology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, gynecology and neurology, however, part of the hospitals strategic goals/ plan is to expand its service line to include orthopedic specialty. In order for the hospital to succeed in its future endeavors the organization must consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the hospitals options (building, leasing and or buying) for the potential space for the new service line. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of each option along with a recommendation. A1a. Building Advantages Trinity Community Hospital must consider the advantages and disadvantages of building, buying and leasing adequate space for the new orthopedic service line. Building a new facility offers the following advantages for the hospital: Customization Trinity Community Hospital can have the new orthopedic building custom built which will give the physicians group the ability to custom design the new facility. Having a custom designed orthopedic facility designed by physicians will give the hospital the capability to focus on the patients and the hospitals five year strategic plans (a diseased –focused clinic and comprehensive medical and surgical center) allowing the organization to maximize productivity and space. Trinity Community Hospital has a long term goal of 2100 surgical cases, 6,500 physical therapy visits and a profit margin of $2,171,500 for its new orthopedic service line. Trinity Community Hospital can construct the new facility for approximately $120 per square ft. (5,000 square ft. building) if built on campus and would cost the hospital $600,000 .The hospital can also choose to build a new facility

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