Rhino Poaching Essay

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Rhinos: The Sad Truth The rhinoceros, also known as the rhino, is a large, primitive looking mammal. They have dated back to millions of years ago and represent something ancient and prehistoric. As I begin to write this essay, my heart is full of sadness and despair at what is happening on our Earth. What was once an animal, free to roam the grassland and open savannas of South Africa, is now a threatened and endangered victim. In Africa there are two species of rhinoceros, the black rhino and the white rhino. According to Business Day, there are about 20 000 white and 1 700 black rhino in South Africa. In recent decades, rhinos have been hunted to the point of near extinction. The world rhino population has declined by ninety percent since 1970. We only have five species remaining in the world today, and all of them are endangered. The Southern white rhinos were once found in large numbers across Southern Africa. They have horns and thick skin to protect themselves against predators like the lion and the hyena. But today, their biggest threat and enemy, is the human. This problem has become more public in the last two years and has drawn a lot of attention, which has resulted in international documentaries trying to raise awareness and support for these majestic creatures. Carte Blanche has featured many documentaries showing the brutal killings of the rhinos, trying to make us more aware of the threat to their existence. The topic of rhino poaching in South Africa is such a sad topic but has increased drastically. Rhino poaching happens all over the world, but recently Southern Africa has suffered dramatically and it has become a greater concern. It needs to be addressed as soon as possible before our rhino becomes extinct, which will be a very sad day for the world. Statistics clearly show us that in 1910, South Africa was said to have 100
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