'Rhetorical Analysis Of Federalist No. 10'

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Federalist No. 10 Federalist no. 10 is an interesting document that outlines our need for a constitution. The author describes what will happen if we allow the government to just flow how it wants with little or no regulation. He states that the factions will always be tearing at each other and that the larger will always win, and strike away the rights of the smaller factions. This is the authors’ idea, and argument to protect the Federalist ideal. The author’s argument is that the ideas and the ruling of the larger party will always be “a shilling saved to their own pockets”. This is the idea that the larger party will always look out for their own good. They won’t really care about the idea of the peoples’ voice or what is just. They will look out for their own interests. This mindset was an incredibly large fear for the founding fathers. They were terrified of any governmental entity that would have the power, ability to control, and ability to dominate anything they wanted to. This essay was very important and significant at the time of its publication. It was written, and accepted as an incredible literary masterpiece. Federalist no. 10 was…show more content…
It would be an incredible thing if our modern politicians would just look back on what our founding fathers had to say, and try to apply it. They would definitely be much more perceptive to what their true purpose is. They wouldn’t have excuses, or try to lay the blame on each other. This document allows for the fact that not everyone is perfect. The founding fathers knew this. They knew that no politician would be perfect. They were trying to convince people to pass the constitution, and allow for a more just society. If we would just try to emulate what we see herein, we would have a much better governmental positioning, and many things would be drastically
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