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Throughout this course we have learned about many different political figures and the times they represented. Depending on the times they were brought up in, their ideals on society differ. A Model of Christian Charity, by John Winthrop, The Way to Wealth, by Benjamin Franklin, and Federalist No. 10, by James Madison represent three of the most influential writings of their times. All three were similar in some ways, but differed greatly in others. In this paper I will point how each author regarded the nature of the individual, the factors that influenced society, and the goals and ends of American life. I will also explain why the author’s had the different views depending on the times. The first of the readings is A Model of Christian Charity,…show more content…
Like the first, it tries to give the reader a guideline to the way they live their life. However, Franklin’s writing provides a guideline of obtaining and keeping wealth, and thus, leading a better, happier life. Franklin’s writing comes at a time when the new world is starting develop, and people are learning how to deal with their new wealth, or lack there of. Franklin himself was not born out of a rich or noble family. Nonetheless, Franklin rose from nothing to become a dominant political figure. The writing is based on quotes from Poor Richard’s Almanac which was also written by Benjamin Franklin. Franklin’s writing takes on a tone that an individual must work hard and not waste time in order to be successful. Unlike Winthrop’s writing, there is no mention of God or any higher being. Franklin is all about living life to the fullest. He even says if you love life “then do not squander time, that is the stuff life is made of.” (Franklin, 95) This is just one quote that shows Franklin’s attitude of not wasting time and making the best of the time you have. Franklin also explains that one should not borrow money because that is only digging a deeper grave. This comes at a time when debtors and creditors were rising and troubles were occurring because of…show more content…
10, by James Madison, comes at a time when America is starting to become a country of its own. America has won the Revolution and Madison is trying to get Americans to approve the new constitution. Madison’s editorial is the most influential in my opinion because it points out the negatives of the old system and how the new system will improve on these negatives. Madison explains that “instability, injustice, and confusion introduced into the public councils, have, in truth, been the mortal diseases under which popular governments have everywhere perished.” (Madison 53-54) Madison realizes that there are different opinions concerning everything from government to religion. He explains that since there are so many different opinions, arguments will occur. In order for all to be happy, factions must disappear. Factions represent on side’s opinion on a certain subject. In the old society, if a faction was the majority, their opinions overrode every other opinion. This leads to great conflict. The main problem, Madison describes, is the distribution of property and therefore wealth. The more land and wealth you have, the more your opinions will be heard and upheld. Madison continues to tell that factions will be “unable to execute and mask its violence under the forms of the Constitution.” (Madison, 57) In other words, if the new Constitution is approved, factions will disappear and everyone will have an equal opinion. In this piece Madison tries

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