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Rhetorical Analysis of Deering’s BP Oil Spill Cartoon In his cartoon in the Arkansas Democratic Gazette published in May 16, 2010, Chief Political Cartoonist and Illustrator at the Arkansas Democratic Gazette, John Deering portrays how British Petroleum tries to redeem themselves while at the same time not caring about what is going on around them. John Deering’s cartoons are the state’s best known. Deering’s cartoons are both those of truth and humor. Deering ethos perhaps would be more credible if he was part of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), or a politician for this cartoon over the BP oil spill. Deering’s emotions reflected those of many others who felt like BP wasn’t being responsible for their own actions. His cartoon was published during one of the worst disasters in history, the oil spilling out of the ocean fifty miles southeast of the Louisiana port of Venice after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. When the drilling rig exploded 11 workers were reported missing and 17 were reported injured (Guardian).The Deepwater Horizon oil spill also known as the BP oil spill is the biggest spill in American history, with between 17 and 39 million gallons spilled in the Gulf of Mexico (Dosomething.org). This isn't the first time British Petroleum has run into trouble. In 2005, a massive explosion occurred at the company's Texas City, Texas, refinery, killing 15 workers and injuring 170 others. The company was fined $87 million for negligence. A year later, the company ran into problems again when it was cited for leaking around 4,800 barrels of oil into Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, due to a corroded stretch of pipeline. The company was warned about the corroded pipe four years earlier but did nothing to fix it and was fined $20 million for ignoring opportunities to prevent the spill (Green). The oil spill in 2010 began in April; it wasn’t closed

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