Chevron Lawsuit Essay

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Chevron Faces Lawsuit Globalization, as defined by Guillén in our textbook, is a “Process fueled by, and resulting in, increasing cross-boarder flows of goods, services, money, people, information, and culture” (as quoted in Sanabria). Chevron, an American corporation, is a perfect example of how globalization can allow a company to increase in size continually. Their headquarters are located in San Ramon, California but they have been active in many countries around the world including: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela. With the help of globalization, Chevron has been able to expand their organization and become the sixteenth largest corporation in the world (DeCarlo). Last December, however, the Brazilian government filed an $11 billion lawsuit against Chevron over an oil-spill that took place off its coast in November. The spill was comparable, by some, to one that took place in 2010, which flowed into the Gulf of Mexico continuously for three months. Although, another article that I found mentions that it was only 0.1 percent (3,000 barrels) of what was spilt into the Gulf of Mexico (PR Newswire). Regardless of the amount of the spill, the Brazilian government is taking action because they are not happy with how Chevron has handled the situation. In addition to the negative impact the spill has had, Chevron has also been said to “have downplayed” the spill. They have made it seem as if it’s not an issue at all. Many Brazilian environmental agencies are outraged and have accused Chevron of digitally altering pictures in order to cover up the degree of damage caused by the spill (PR Newswire). As I continued to research and look for other articles related to the topic, I found that this wasn’t the first incident involving Chevron and a Latin American country. From 1964 to 1972, Texaco, a brand by Chevron, was in active

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