Review Questions Cahpters 6-13 of the Scarlet Letter

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Chapter 6 1. According to the narrator, Pearl’s very being, her name and the meaning, seems to cause huge, add troubles with the strict rules of Puritan society. She is both a gift and a curse. 2. Pearl’s name means pure, sinless. She was named because she was, “purchased with all had,-her mother’s only treasure!” 3. Pearl has inherited most of Hester’s passion, moodiness. Reflects origin, wild. She constantly makes mischief, and get in trouble, and disobey. 4. Pearl is pretty much a mini Hester. They share all of the same characteristics. Hester worries about Pearl though. Townspeople believe Pearl is of the Devil and Hester believes Pearl is the physical product of her sin. 5. Hester believes, that god gave her Pearl as a source of salvation and a reason to live. Chapter 7 1. They were not sincerely concerned, they were just looking for someone to serve as the example for others. 2. More realistic, cabbages and pumpkin vines such as like the gardens in old England. Puritan views are all there, they express that they have taken shape in the New World, but not fully successful. 3. Pearl is wearing a red (scarlet) dress with gold embroidery, like her mom’s scarlet letter. 4. We have seen the rose bush by the entrance of the prison. 5. The rose bushes represent hope and kindness. 6. Yes the rose bush maintains the same meaning in this scene, it symbolizes hope. Chapter 8 1. Puritans claimed to not believe in luxury and were supposed to stay away from it. Governor Bellingham and Reverend Wilson speak against it. They both have huge homes, big hypocrites! 2. They are shocked because they think Hester is raising Pearl incorrectly. 3. Hester acts desperate. She even says she would rather die than lose Pearl. She wants to prove she is a good

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