Symbolism Of The Pearl In John Stienbeck's," The Pearl." Essay

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Throughout John Steinbeck’s,” The Pearl” the symbolism of the pearl was changing. Thus, the symbolism can be interpreted many different ways. It could be interpreted as good fortune because of all the good fortune it could have brought Kino’s family. It could also have been interpreted as evil, for the entire town’s people wanted it, and ended up leading to the death of Coyotito. I personally believe that it symbolizes the Devil because the devil represents everything evil… lies, greed, and even murder. In the beginning of the story, the Pearl found by Kino was symbolic of the lord Jesus Christ. It was the savior of Kino’s family as Jesus Christ was the savior of all Christians, according to the Bible. The pearl can save Coyotito from his poisoning at the hands of the scorpion, and actually cures the wound a little just by being in its presence. It can also help Kino accumulate enough money to send him through school. The money accumulated could also get him and his wife a proper wedding in a church, and get his whole family new clothes. But some of the other things Kino was planning to get suggest evil is in the pearl. He plans to get a harpoon, and a rifle, which suggests murder. From then on out the symbolism of the pearl started changing. The town’s people were all jealous of the pearl. Everybody wanted it, and that is when the Devil in the pearl started coming out. When more and more people wanted it, Kino did more and more to hide it, and the town’s people did more and more to get it, including breaking into his house at night multiple times. Juana started noticing the misfortune the pearl was bringing, and she wanted Kino to get rid of it, but Kino was too greedy. When Kino finally does go to sell it, he claims that he is not getting enough for it, and keeps it. The pearl starts making everybody even greedier, and one day, when another group of people

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