Response To Domestic Terrorism

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Shane Curtis Domestic Terrorism Response St. Petersburg College Abstract The purpose of my paper is to explain the actions behind terrorist groups of today’s society and how they are able to recruit in mass numbers from different countries all over the world. Also, to justify their methods being used behind their different actions being able to attract people of all races and genders into a hateful and vengeful organizations throughout the world. Also, within my paper I will provide concrete examples of why such heinous terrorist groups use different motivations, deceptive ideologies, and the manipulative ways to make these organizations seem that much more appealing to the younger generation to only do injustice in the world and to…show more content…
A huge reason for members of any group that is involved with terrorism of some kind use kids to their advantage without them realizing what consequences lie at the end of the path or outcome. Along with the psychological recruitment of children, terrorists will know it would be extremely hard for any adult or government forces combatting against their group don’t have the heart to hurt or kill a child and sympathize of what the child has been put through. Most of all, fear and power is the terrorist group’s psychological motivation in getting those children to join their organization and cause. Watching other kids their being beaten severely, electrocuted, and hung will impact them so much, they will only change in the mindset and thought patterns from what type of person they use to be when the group captures…show more content…
A very strong message that Boko Haram uses to promote false ideologies on their twitter website site by stating, it is okay to hate others and to bomb someone or something is divine. The intent in their message is so powerful and that they have so much hatred for the Western world, their lifestyle and accessibilities, yet they want to still reach out and attract their followers or sympathizers to join their cause through American social media websites. In another example for a way to promote their false ideologies is to reach out to the rich, poor, and troubled youth everywhere around the world. Even promoting false ideologies to children who come from loving and structurally sound environments. (Davis, 2014) mentioned terrorist groups use all governments of the Western world as well in their own region to force their ideologies on those who have really turned against their own country’s government and the system as a whole. Along with an ex-member of Al-Shabaab who refutes what that terror groups believes and how they can reach an amends to peace or a resolution to a matter within the country of Somalia. (Afrah, 2015) states in an interview with an ex-terrorist member, young children don’t understand the meaning of what a peaceful resolution can benefit their town or country or changing the behavior of the local law enforcement for the better. Terrorists on the other hand, when it comes to ideologies, they only see one side of the other and

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