Researching Factors Affecting Study of Phonetics and Phonology Essay

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RESEARCHING FACTORS AFFECTING STUDY OF PHONETICS AND PHONOLOGY * INTRODUCTION The propose of study Reserch question Hypothesis All in the history of the world there is always a language which serves the world in communication between different nations. So as English has become the mean of communication in whole world in this 20th century. English is the main language for all the human beings in this globalised world, While English is used as the second language in most of the Asian countries. It is a poor habit that most of the students who are coming front to the society do not have the required habit to use the pronunciation of English language in the approved manner. The parents as well as the teachers should be awaire of the background of why students fail in presenting a good pronunciation. Mainly it is because they are not being taught about phonetics and phonology in their early childhood. Phonology is the study of sound pattern which includes how to pronounce sounds from the words which is included in the grammar of language. In contrast phonetics is the study of how sounds are produced or articulated in the vocal track Many English learners are eager to speak standard English which is intelligible to native English speakers and those who leam English as their second language or foreign language. As a matter of fact,researchers worldwide disagree on the recognition of a particular English accent to be widely accepted "standard pronunciation", but the English accents used by both BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and VOA (Voice of America) are now the two most widely accepted accents of English all over the world. Both of the two English accents have great worldwide influence in promoting the culture of English-speaking countries and teaching the English language. 1.1Background information Standard English pronunciation can make

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