Research Paper About Slavery

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The Truth about your RELIGION. The research I have given you will assist you if you do some additional fact finding on your own. This information should change your life and the way you see things for the rest of it. (For those that reflect and educate themselves) The first thing is to ask the reader to say the simple word; HELLO. Now you have to think about this word. What language is this? Why do you speak this LANGUAGE? WHY? If your ancestors are from Africa or anywhere else, then why are you speaking ENGLISH? The reason why is because your ancestors were enslaved by the European Slave Masters that took you from your native land and made you change your language to what you speak today, English. A evident Tragedy of Slavery (African Americans):…show more content…
Picture of Jesus(Peace be upon him) This religion thing in America is based on what they molded us into believing. Jesus (Peace be upon him) was a white man with blond hair and blue eyes. This is a site of the most accepted and propagated pictures we see of him. It began with people like Andrea del Verrocchio and Di Vinci and has been accept as a true depiction, but here is the proof, the artist renditions are FALSE. Also here is an article from the Wikipedia internet encyclopedia. It has some great information on historical data and is a great source of unbiased religious information. I use it for my research. It explains the pictures of Jesus (Peace be upon him) It begins with the statement: There are no undisputed historical images of Jesus. There is no reliable evidence that a surviving portrait of him exists, or even ever existed. CREATION WORSHIP is not the worship of GOD. It is the worship of Gods Creation. God created Man in 4 known ways (Note: God is infinite and omnipotent, these are only the ways reviled to
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