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CULTURAL STUDIES ESSAY PLAN SUBCULTURES: Body-Mod, modifying social identity -What is Body-Mod? Where did it start? Why? When? Introduction to the history of the modified body, this being through tattoos and other body art, adornments, surgical procedures and garments worn to change the shape of the body and what this represented in its social/historical/geographical context. -Body-modification today: The appearance of the modern primitive and the different urban subcultures. A closer look at the different groups of people (subcultures) in out present society, how and why certain image ( achieved artificially through modyfing their body) makes them part of this subculture/group making them alien to the rest of society , or not. -The expansion of body-mod and body-art throughout the 20th/21st century. Why? Everyone today is involved actively in their look and the image they let others see of themselves, this being through a certain hair cut, their choice of clothes and other adornments, looking closely at the tattoos, present in a large percentage of youngsters as well as “piercings”, looking also at other more extreme changes which are being accepted as normal nowadays. -Why Body-mod and plastic surgery have similar effects on a persons look and self-confidence, and how a procedure makes them fit in their desired group in society, or not. Plastic surgery and body-art serve the same purpose serve the same purpose, altering your shape, colour, gender, and it determines which subculture you will fit in, or completely the opposite ( it will make you “not fit in at all”, but by defect you will already be part of a subculture, no matter how different you make yourself look, there is always someone else too). -The gender: A closer examination of gender benders, through artificially modifying the body ( transgenders and the

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