Remote Monitoring System for Gases and Fire Essay

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Remote Monitoring System for Gases and Fire Rahulkumar Pandey, Gurunarayan Shukla, Bharat Soni, Aashay Jain, Dr. Saurabh Mehta and Dr. Siddhesh Patil Vidyalankar Institute Of technology Mumbai,India Abstract— Diseases like bronchitis, breathing problem, lung cancer and many more are caused due to harmful gases present in environment. People are not aware of the harmful gases present in air and level at which it will be harmful. Fire accidents have increased recently. So there is a need for a device which would detect various harmful gases and fire. The device will display the concentration level of gases, temperature and will blow alarm when the level goes above the critical level for certain dangerous gases and fire. Gases like CO, CO2, O3, CH4, LPG, NO2, SO2, are included. In case of fire accidents, SMS will go to the concerned person so that the necessary action can take place quickly. We will also make an APP which would collect the data from the device wirelessly and can be used for Data Acquisition, Remote monitoring and analysis purpose. Packaging of device would be done using recyclable waste materials. We will also include a fan which will suck the gases in, thus decreasing the response time and increasing the range of the device. Available sensors in the market will be used and calibration will be done experimentally. Arduino board is used for data processing. Graphical display is provided for various parameters. GSM module is used for SMS and wireless connectivity services. For remote monitoring android application will be made. Introduction Air pollutants are added in the atmosphere from variety of sources that change the composition of atmosphere and affect the biotic environment [7]. According to Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, it is necessary to assess the present and anticipated air pollution through continuous air quality

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