Religion Vs. Science

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The first of four basic models for relating religion to science is the adversarial model. This view states that when science and religion try to answer the same question, they come up with conflicting answers. This coupling is usually tense. While one side of this argument states that religion should be abandoned for science, the other side states that science should be disregarded when it contradicts the known truths of religion. The second model is the territorial model. This view states that science and religion cannot be in conflict because they each deal with conflicting realities. While one side deals with the physical world, the other deals with the spiritual. The third model for relating religion and science is called perspectivalism. Perspectivalism differs from the first two in that it states that it is impossible for accepted scientific theory to be in conflict with religion. Perspectivalists believe that science and religion describe the same realities but in different ways. They deal with the same things but tend to ask different questions about them. The fourth and last model for relating science and religion is harmony. In this model the harmonizers position is that religion and science go hand in hand and that they coexist with each other. Harmonizers aspire to prove that science can point to or even prove the claims of religion. My stance on religion versus science is more or less along the lines of the perspectivalist's position. There are many things in this world that science alone does not answer for me. But in that same regard, there are many things that religion just doesn't completely cover as well. In my lifetime I have heard many people state that the big bang just did not happen. My question for them is how do they or anyone know that God didn't make that happen? The bible states that God created the Heavens and the Earth

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