Sociology- Unit 3 Religion

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Good luck in this exam ( hope these notes help! From Helpmekid on the student room If you need help or something pm me on TSR ( Good luck and all the best!!!! Chapter 1 - Sociology – Religion, science and Ideology Religion Religions typically involve: An organised collectively of individuals with a shared system of beliefs and a set of approved activities and practises Functional Definition What religion does- its functions? It answers questions such as, what happens when you die? Why are people poor? Substantive Definition What religion is? E.g. belief in God or supernatural powers Polythetic definition Identifies a number of overlapping factors that most religions share - for a religion - a set of beliefs or factors is needed e.g. scared text, belief of God or supernatural person, sacred, moral codes Monotheistic Religions These religions believe in one divine power. Such as Christianity, Islam Polytheistic Religions These religions focus on a number of separate Gods. Such as Hinduism, Ancient Rome and Greece Religion and Science Science is based on evidence. Facts not opinions Scientist must ignore personal feelings and remain object al the time Scientists should be logical and rational. Science is ‘open’ –ideas are tested and proved if they are wrong – rejected – and other idea replaced Science and Religion Scientific ideas create problems for religion. – Existence of God or Gods cannot be proved. Religious beliefs relies on faith rather than scientific facts and evidence.
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