Reflection on Nusing

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In this essay I have chosen to reflect on the clinical skill of administration Intramuscular (IM) injection .During my first clinical placement I became involved in this widely used method of drug administration. The first stage of Gibbs reflective cycle requires a description of events. While on my clinical placement I was ask to administer IM injection to a patient. I performed this procedure under the supervision of two qualified nurses including my mentor. The patient consented to get the drug administered by a student nurse. When the drug had been drawn up I was advised by mentor to use alcohol wipe to clean the site of injection. During this I was interrupted by other nurse who said that this was not necessary to clean the injection site. The patient, then requested to omit the use of alcohol wipe, he described that on previous occasion this has caused stinging sensation. My mentor told me that this is acceptable, and then I administered the IM injection without the use of alcohol wipe. In the second stage of Gibbs reflective cycle I will discuss my thoughts and feelings. As I was under the supervision of two registered nurses, I was feeling very nervous and self concious.I felt more nervousness and under pressure when my mentor question me concerning skin cleansing before IM injection. In the presence of the patient I thought it might not be good for him to feel like I don’t know the procedure. Now I was feeling very confused regarding the use of alcohol wipes during the administration of IM injection. I was also concerned about the practice of qualified nurses which was so inconsistent does it led me to evaluate this procedure. The third stage of Gibbs reflective cycle requires stating the positive and negative about the event. It was stated by World Health Organisation that the use of alcohol wipes is not necessary in IM injections while using aseptic

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