Redemption: Kite Runner

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Throughout the novel, Amir is almost always trying to redeem himself which makes up a major theme of the novel. Early on Amir feels the desire to redeem himself in his father’s eyes, but the failure to stand up for himself as a kid is what brings him to still feel the need for redemption as an adult. Amir feels that he has not lived up to the expectations that Baba would have for a child of his, considering Baba is such a strong and respectable person, opposed to Amir who can’t even stand up for himself. We see this feeling from Amir early in the book. Another reason Amir feels the need for redemption is that his mother died while giving birth to him, leaving Baba wifeless, and Amir can’t help but feel a little responsible for this happening. How does Amir think he can redeem himself to Baba? Well the kite-tournaments are a huge event in their culture and Amir feels that winning it, along with bringing Baba the losing kite, would redeem himself for not living up to Baba’s expectations. Most of Amir’s search for redemption comes from the incident with Hassan in the alley way. Although Hassan stands up for Amir every chance he gets, Amir stands back and watches Hassan get raped when Hassan was on a mission to get the losing kite for Amir. This is just one of many events where Amir does not step up for Hassan but Hassan will do anything for Amir at the same time. His search for redemption also brings about some major events in the book such as his return to Kabul for Sohrab(Hassan’s son) and his confrontation with Assef(raped Hassan). Baba says that a boy who doesn’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything. As a boy, Amir fails to stand up for himself. As an adult, he can only redeem himself by proving he has the courage to stand up for what is

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