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Red Bull : how long will it remain a cash cow or is it a star ? 1. Who are their main 3 competitors in the US market and what differences does each of them have in their 1b. and what main usp do each of them have Red Bull continues to dominate as the market leader, but Monster has experienced huge growth in the last few years. Therefore Coca-Cola Ltd. has increased its market share for energy drinks in US with its Monster drink product line from 14.4% in 2006 to 37% in 2012. On the third place in the market, there is Rockstar energy drink with its 11% share. In addition, NOS has also been catching up recently increasing its market share up to 4% and 250 million sales respectively. Source: As it was already mentioned before and as it can be clearly seen on the chart above, Red Bull is a market leader and in addition is an oldest brand in the market of energy drinks. Nowadays market for energy beverages in US is rapidly growing and fulfilling itself with more and more competitors. Companies seek for new ways to increase market penetration as well as customers’ consumption frequency. In the nutshell, growing demand for energy drinks as well as rapidly increased pressure from the competitors made Red Bull participate in a marketing warfare. Since the beginning of times there were only two products in a Red Bull product line: Red Bull original and Red Bull Sugar Free. Its Customer Value Proposition is that Red Bull would help you to fight any type of weakness no matter if its physical or mental one. Red Bull remains a market leader by promising to the customers that it will "give you wings". Such a unique value proposition helped Red Bull successfully sustain its position in the market for many years and clearly differentiate itself from other competitors. However Coca-Cola Ltd. has been successfully

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