Blue Lite Swot Analysis

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Market Share Labatt dominates the market by 39%. Bud lite and Blue lite are the brand leaders holding 7.5% of the market throughout the four years. In 2010 both brands held exactly the same market share of 7.44%. Labatt dominates the Market Totals (dollars sold) Labatt national total sales lead the market at 281 to 297 million for the 4 years, steadily increasing between 2011 and 2012 Labatt had their largest % increase of 4.06% more in sales. From 285.4 million to 297 million. During this year Labatt Genuine Draft percent of dollars sold went up by 152.63 percent. Released in 2011 only in the east. In 2012 released to central and west. Labatt Drys sales decreased in 2009 to 2011 by 37% of dollars sold. From 2011 to 2012 Labatt gained 3.45% of…show more content…
Has lost 4.1 million in the 4 years, shift in trends. Bud lite has been increasing by 7.8 million over the 4 years. Lowest light- 2009 to 2010 miller light. Then 2011 to 2012 coors light. Observe: the millers lite took the sales of Coors light. Speciality beers only hold 12% of the total market. Specialty beers sold the most: in 2012 central with 39 million least east Labbat Ice has been increasing in sales by 8.8 million in the 4 years. Not available in the east. Top brand is microbreweries 39 million out of the 86 million Signature cream ale has been selling one million or less. With steady sales only in central. Only 3 specialities offered in the east Black ice Canadian ice Micro #1 for 4 years with upwards of 8 million increasing every year Recommendations Carling should not come out with a light beer- if so sell in the east increasing in the west does the best in the west MGD- take it out of central sell only in west 5 regular beers not decreasing-

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