Reasons To Learn Spanish

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Why would Spanish be a useful skill to have? There are many things that the general population do not know. Some of them are things that are of little use to most. For example, knowing how to walk on the moon. There are somethingsthat could be useful for all to know. I think that Spanish is one of those skills (62). Why should we really want to learn Spanish? First and most importantly Spanish would be a good skill to have because of the amount of people who speak Spanish and the large number of countries it is spoken in. Another reason Spanish would be a good skill to learn is because of its raising popularity. Lastly Spanish would be a good skill to learn because of how easy it is to learn. Spanish is a widely known language. Many people all across the world speak it. Although it is the widely known language, still the majority of the world’s people do not speak Spanish. Chinese and English are both spoken by more people than Spanish, but even so Spanish is spoken in more than 25 countries. Spanish’s wide in fluencies stretches from Spain to the United States , and even Africa. According to the CIA world fact year book, Spanish is the primary language in one African country, Guiena. There is a currently over 400 million Spanish speaking people in the world. Given the large number of the Spanish speaking population learning Spanish as a second language would be a good idea. It can help with any number of things like traveling and giving help services to others. It’s a given that when over 400 million people in over 25 different countries speak Spanish, that it can be concurred as a popular language. Although all of the above is true, there are still a lot of people who do not speak Spanish. This is slowly changing. According to, people in Europe are seeing Spanish speaking as something of growing importance. This would be a

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