Raymond's Run Character Analysis

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A strong desire, it’s what you take sincere interest in. Longing, it’s something that’s subjected to be everlasting. Aim, it’s what targeted. These words or phrases are characteristics of aspirations. Hazel, who is the main character in the story titled “Raymond’s Run,” has aspirations she discovered about herself towards the end of the story. Hazel doesn’t individually discover these aspirations but it’s the other characters in the story that brings these foreseen goals to the spotlight. As Hazel gets ready to cross the finish line in her race with Gretchen, who is a competitor, many aspiring aspects come to mind. Her first encounter comes with her brother Raymond. In the story it quotes, “And I’m smiling to beat the band cause if I’ve lost this race, or if me and Gretchen tied, or even if I’ve won, I can…show more content…
There was numerous times where other activities that Hazel participated in were mentioned throughout “Raymond’s Run.” In example she talks about a spelling bee and piano lessons that are endured by other peers that she knew. Well she discovers if she is able to identify her own individuality then she can pursue new interest like the spelling bee and the piano she envies so much. The reason for her jealousy is because she is currently not good at either activity. With her pushing aside running track, which she has already been successful in, she would be able to reach new heights in new activities and succeed further overall. There is an important metaphor that is quoted by Hazel towards the ending. The metaphor Hazel uses at the end is, "Maybe we too busy being flowers and fairies,” this is a demonstration that speaks on her desire to compete in one thing, and one thing only. This also acts as an indirect message to Gretchen. What Hazel discovered is that she needs to break out of a particular category and create a unique personality for herself. As she believes everyone
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