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THE DEMOGRAPHIC MAKEUP OF AUSTRALIA IN 2020 AND 2060 Australian’s today do not subsist in the same way as they have done so in the past which is primarily due to the various changes in Australia’s demographic makeup. Insight into Australia’s demographic composition is vital for devising competent long-term organizational and policy decisions that will shape the future of Australian society for years to come. Demographic shifts are occurring universally. Five of the more salient demographic characteristics of Australia and their shifts in the years 2020 and 2060 include the following: POPULATION Australia’s population is shifting in terms of its size, cultural diversity and economic and social…show more content…
Sydney, Australia’s most populated capital city will also surge upwards to 7 million residents (ABS, 2008). According to ABS Social trends, Queensland is projected to surpass Victoria as the second most inhabited state by 2050 (ABS, 2008). This Data envisages that Queensland’s population is to double to 8.7 million (a quarter of the country’s population) compared to the 8.6 million of the population which is projected to live in Victoria (24% of all residents). Western Australia is also forecast to increase with the states population growing from 10% in 2007 to 12% of the population during 2056. The rapid population growth in Queensland and Western Australia reflects the relatively high rates of migration to these states. Conversely South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory have had slower growth rates due to negative internal migration (Australian Government,…show more content…
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