Sans Mexican Earthquake Analysis

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For the people of Sans Francisco, CA earthquake is routine practice as the area is tectonically active. History revealed that this area is seismically active and major earthquake was hit in 1906. So being a government official if it is reported by a geologist that earthquake is going to hit the area within next 48 hours, first of all I will manage an emergency plan to deal with earthquake. Secondly, the opinion of only one geologist is not that sufficient to evacuate people from their places and to launch local call on TV and newspaper that earth is going to hit. As far as question is concern that I will evacuate people or not the answer is “No”. Moreover, I will not keep this information to myself as it is not a matter of one life but lives. However, considering the safe side I will manage an emergency plan for people of Sans Francisco and emergency news to be launch on radio, T.V and over the Internet.…show more content…
The reason is that there are numerous methods to predict the earthquake but there is no single method which can forecast earthquake 100%. Moreover, the estimation of geologist never goes wrong in most of the cases as he is very much familiar with the seismic activity of the area and having the sound knowledge of seismic they usually give the deadlines that earthquake will hit within these days therefore, people must look for other possible shelters. On the other hand, to consider only the prediction of only one geologist that earthquake is going to hit within 48 hours is not good. However, for a decision party there must be an emergency safety plan. (Xinde) Work Cited Tradepla,. "Emergency Plan for Earthquakes." Content for Reprint. 02 July 2008. Copyright (c) 2000-2008 Content for Reprint, Web. 9 Nov 2009. . Xinde, Wei. "Meeting the Challenge of Imminent Earthquake Prediction." Global watch. 09 May1997., Web. 9 Nov 2009.

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