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Bridgitte Madrigal Randy Pausch Essay Life, Family, and work ethics are three main values I’ve been taught throughout life. After watching Randy Pausch’s Last lecture I was really inspired and it got me thinking about these three special values I was taught. Randy Pausch enficises on how important family, life, and his job was for him. We both believe in the same thing but the way he expressed himself was very inspiring and motivational. I’ve never read or heard of a person who appreciates a couple months of living with a killer deasease until I read about Randy Pausch. For example he appreciates his life so much and you can tell by how he carries himself and talks in front of hundreds of people about his pancreatic cancer. He implies “ I’m not in denial I know I’m going to die but why not enjoy today, tomorrow, and the next day ? but as buzz light year would say “not today.” The way I see it Life is full of miricles, happiness, and love. Everyday a new life is born everyday you wake up you’re a lucky person because not everyday everyone wakes up. Happiness should come with just simply waking up to see the light of the next day and to get to see your family and friends. My Life has always been like that I am blessed to be healthy and to wake up every morning to see the light of the day. Family is a very important aspect in Randy Pauschs life. He has 3 kids and his wife he has to think about everyday he explains “ theres a sadness that comes when I think about my kids and it’s not so much that I won’t get to experice being a dad I mean that’s sad but real strong emotions for me are they won’t have me for them that’s where it’s okay to say that’s not fair.” This simply shows the emotion he has towards his family and how strongly he is enjoying every second with them. In my household family is everything family over everything my mother is a single mom so

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