My First Experience With Sickness And Death

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Laihandais Studmire Dr. Hitchcock English 101 23 February 2010 Final Draft: Narration My First Experience with Sickness and Death As a child I never had to deal with sickness and death. Never had I been through anything sad or heartbreaking. Up until my twenties I was blessed to still have both parents and all four of my grandparents. This all changed when my grandfather got sick and passed away. From my grandfather’s passing, I learned how to deal with the death of a loved one. In 2001, my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, doctors told him that there was nothing that could be done because his cancer had already advanced. Cancer has five stages and his was already at stage three. This news came down hard on me and my family. My grandfather was the backbone of this family, and we were not prepared to lose him. We could not accept the little hope that the doctors gave. No was simply not an answer. About a month after the diagnosis, Grandfather started the treatment process. Though the cancer appeared to have not spread, the treatments didn’t seem to have much affect on the cancer. Then in 2003, it seemed that our prayers had been answered. I will never forget the day my mom called. She was full of excitement, crying tears of joy while informing me that grandfather’s cancer has gone into remission. He went in for his six month checkup and everything was still great. No cancer had been detected in his body at all. In 2004 everything took a turn for the worst. Out of nowhere the cancer was back. Grandfather went in for his one year checkup and was told cancer had been found in his lungs and chest. I could tell then that grandfather had lost all hope, but he tried more experimental treatments that often made him very sick. Although he would have rather discontinued his treatment he didn’t for the sake of the family. Even

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