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Financial Services Department 12 January 2014 Raising Minimum Wage and Its Impact on the Economy Raising the minimum wage has been heavily discussed by the federal government, from President Obama's call to raise the minimum wage to The Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. So as raising the minimum wage gains more coverage, several economists and small business owners have argued that overall, raising the minimum wage will have a large negative effect. However with further research, raising the minimum wage actually has a positive effect on the economy, more specifically, on small businesses, unemployment, demographics, and the price level of consumer goods. With the idea of raising the minimum wage, a large focus has been placed small businesses.…show more content…
However, opponents of the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013 argue that with a higher minimum wage, businesses will offer fewer jobs, thus increasing unemployment. The website, “An Economic Sense”, pulled information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and presents graphs comparing the real minimum wage and the unemployment percentage in a given year. In 1975, real minimum wage and unemployment increased. In 1968, real minimum wage increased but unemployment fell. These figures are just a small example of what the graph shows: that there is no connection between the increase of minimum wage and the unemployment rates. Our research shows that the theories and facts that support the idea that increasing minimum wage has no impact on unemployment rates are often built upon “perfect world” scenarios in which outside factors are not taken into account. Thus raising minimum wage has little to no effect on unemployment rates, and more importantly, it is highly likely that raising the minimum wage does not increase unemployment…show more content…
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