Radio Drama Script Essay

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FADE IN: INT. GARAGE – NIGHT A hand fumbles in the dimness, lands on a light switch and flips it up and down. The BULB that dangles from the ceiling refuses to light. A shrill MOAN freezes LORRAINE KELLY (20’s) on the spot. LORRAINE Who’s there? A FIGURE rises up from the floor as the cry grows louder. Lorraine inches back towards the wall. A flashlight snaps on and illuminates the face of CHRISTIAN MCCARTHY (20’s). Lorraine’s shoulders drop as she heaves out a sigh. LORRAINE Oh you prick Christian. I’ve a good mind to lamp you with a can of paint. CHRISTIAN That’d be a frightful waste of paint. EXT. VILLAGE – NIGHT An OLD WOMAN blesses herself as a church BELL rings out over a small village square. A BROADCAST VAN is parked beside a graveyard. A CAMERAMAN removes equipment. DR. MICHAEL O’ CONNELL (50’s) rotund, tweed clad and bespeckled speaks to a logo emblazoned microphone held by MIKE WINDLE (30’s). Dr O’ Connell holds up a digital voice recorder. DR. O’ CONNELL Every Friday for the past month, this is what we’ve been hearing. He hits the PLAY button. A high pitched SCREAM causes the group to wince and cover their ears. He hits STOP. CAMERAMAN It sounds like Katy Perry without the auto tuning. Mike flashes a look of disapproval. The Cameraman shrugs. MIKE How long does this go on for? 2 DR. O’ CONNELL It varies, could be ten minutes, sometimes up to an hour. MIKE And you’re certain it’s the Banshee? DR. O’ CONNELL I’m not saying that’s what it is, but it’s certainly the popular local opinion. EXT. ROAD – NIGHT With a knapsack slung over his shoulder, Christian walks beside Lorraine. She pulls her windbreaker tight around her. EXT. GRAVEYARD – NIGHT An assortment of HEADSTONES and CELTIC CROSSES protrude from the low ground fog. EXT. ROAD – NIGHT LORRAINE Just give me a clue? CHRISTIAN It wouldn’t be much

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