Up the Slide vs. Hatchet

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“Up the Slide” and “Hatchet” are stories written by two different authors, about two different people with their own individual journeys. There are differences between these two stories, but there are also similarities. For example, both Brian and Clay study the place they are going to travel through before beginning their journeys. Clay “studied the cliff thoroughly before attempting it” and noticed that the small dead pine was in an “out-of-the-way place” and on the river side the mountain was scarred and gullied and gored. Brian noticed that “there were tall pines, the kind with no limbs until very close to the top, with a gentle breeze sighing in them, but not too much low brush” and two hundred yards up there seemed to be a belt of thick, lower brush starting—about ten or twelve feet high—and that formed a wall he could not see through. It seemed to go on around the lake, thick and lushly green.” Other than studying the place they were going to travel they also had concerns, worry, and fear during their conflict with nature. In the beginning of Clay’s journey when “he sat down and looked at the treacherous snow-covered slope” he thought to himself that “It was manifestly impossible for him to make it with a whole body, and he did not wish to arrive at the bottom shattered like the pine tree.” Brian’s worries during his journey were that “He didn't want to be anywhere in the woods when it came to be dark. And he didn't want to get lost.” The differences between the stories are how the characters react with nature which depends on the character’s personality and background and the historical period in which the conflict takes place. Clay lives in the 1800s and Brian lives in the twentieth century. Its normal for Clay to be collecting firewood and hiking, but Brian is used to things being much easier for him. When Brian is alone in the wilderness he has to do the
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