Nursing Exercise

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Malcolm Yazza Eng. 100B-03 1/29/2013 Exercise 1 1. Woke 6. Keeps 2. Appears 7. Were 3. Are; Hardest 8. Sounds 4. Run 9.Dozed 5. Saluted 100B-03 zza 10. Starts Exercise 3 1. Nobody 6.Confidence 2. Neighbor’s 7.Monday’s, Chris, Bill and I 3. Worry and Hope 8.Dog; Owner 4. My 9.We 5. Airports 10.Teresa Exercise 4 1. Alicia has been wondering about her chances for a job in nursing. 2. An argument between my mpther and father affected all the children in the family. 3. Elderly people in our neighborhood are becoming substitute grandparents to many children without olser realatives in the area. 4. At the top of his lungs, the…show more content…
Behind the school cafeteria lie six huge dumpsters in a row. 10. Through all my struggles runs a small hope for a better life. Exercise 7 1. There was a gray cat and a striped kitten in the garden. 2. Will you drive to Biloxi on Saturday? 3. From the end of the long hall came the sound of laughter. 4. Was there anything in your coat pocket? 5. Have Jimmy and Chris spoken about the boat trip on the Hudson River? 6. Here are the most recent photographs of my nephew. 7. Among the stores in the strip mall was a tire store with a section for wheel alignment and balancing. 8. Can we talk about a reasonable solution to the problem? 9. Near the end of the movie came a terrifying scene inside a dark cave. 10. Between the yellowed pages of the book was a thin film of dust. Exercise 9 1. There were a pen, a pencil, and a crumpled piece of paper in Sophie’s book bag. 2. Melanie could have been waiting for you at the coffee shop. 3. At the front of the classroom is a large box with a stack of papers in it. 4. My computer does not offer quick access to the Internet. 5. You have suddenly developed an interest in our handsome neighbor on the third

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