Race and Ethnicity

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Ethnicity and Race Found in “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer and “What It's Like to be a Black Girl” by Patricia Smith Justin Firpo Eng 125 Melissa Eidson July 13, 2012 “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer and “What It’s Like To Be A Black Girl” by Patricia Smith were chosen because of the symbolism they both portray. In the story “Country Lovers” the narrator’s point of view is being given and in “What It’s Like To Be A Black Girl” the actual author of the poem is giving her point of view from experiencing things she seems to be familiar with. Although there is a cultural difference, it still involves race and how it affects an individual’s way of feeling and the outlook from someone else’s point of view. Ethnicity and race is a theme that can be found in both of these writings. Both have a main character who is a black female dealing with some form of racial discrimination due to the color of their skin. Racism is something that often is witnessed or experienced in our every day lives. It is something that often times is overlooked or not spoken about. Although the similarities are not quite the same, they still have the same concept. I will compare and analyze these two writings in which one is a short story, and the other is expressive poetry. I chose these two particular readings because of the racial divide and the fact that Nadine Gordimer is a white woman telling the story of a black girl and trying to identify with her. The theme was set in South Africa during a time of racial segregation when mix races weren’t accepted. Patricia Smith is a black woman explaining the struggles in the form poetry that go along with being a black woman. From reading her poetry it seems she was thinking about what she experienced growing up and how she identified going through puberty to womanhood. “Country Lover's” main theme pivots on a two fold
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