Race and Ethic in Our Society Essay

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Race and Ethic in our Society Gertrude Perkins ENG125: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Paul Wiltz July 2, 2012 Race and Ethics in our Society Racism and Ethics in “Country Lovers” and “What it’s Like to be a Black Girl” both of these reading are told by a young black girl who have struggled with being discriminated against them. Both of these girls deal with discrimination on their lives because they are black. Whereas “Nadine Gordimer” and “Patricia Smith” in “Country Lovers” and “What it’s like to be a Black Girl” reveal the themes of race and ethnicity versus ethics to underscore the meaning of discrimination. Each author also uses themes of gender role and growing up to argue the ideas of a person’s role in to society. Racism is something that people deal with daily. Racism is usually kept quiet and no one will talk about it. The story “Country Lovers” is a perfect example of racism not being discussed. “Country Lovers” was written by “Nadine Gordimer in 1975” (Clugston, 2010). This story is about a black girl by the name of Thebedi falling in love with a young white boy by the name of Paulus and it was forbidden at that time. This story takes place in a small village in South Africa on a farm where children of different color play together for a short amount of time. The main characters in the story are Thebedi and Paulus. They were raised together on the farm. The played together when they were small children. The days went by and Thebedi and Paulus grew up they lost contact with each other. Paulus was the son of Mr. Eysendyck who owned the farm. Thebedi who was the daughter of the man that worked for Mr. Eysendyck. These two knew that they could never be together in public because she was black and he was white. This short story holds many effects that are very dramatic in their own way. The author tells about Paulus going off to school

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