Quotes From The Wife Of Bath

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The Wife of Bath It was customary in the medieval times for women to obey anything and everything their husbands or any other man requested. The Wife of Bath was very rebellious when it came to this custom. She was a very strong willed, open minded and outspoken woman. As we saw later in the story, she wasn’t afraid of anyone or what they though of her. The Wife of Bath believed differently than other women, and men for that matter, of this time period. She believed that “A woman wants the self-same sovereignty over her husband as over her lover and master him, he must not be above her.” She was well experienced and knew exactly what she wanted out of life, love, and men. Having already had five husbands “at the church door,” she has experience enough to make her an expert. She sees…show more content…
A young knight in King Arthur’s court rapes a beautiful young maiden. The people are repulsed by the knight’s behavior and demand justice. Although the law demands that the knight be beheaded, the queen and ladies of the court beg to be allowed to determine the knight’s fate. The queen then gives the knight a year to discover what women most desire. The year passes quickly. As the knight rides dejectedly back to the court knowing that he will lose his life, he suddenly sees 24 young maidens dancing and singing. As he approaches them, the maidens disappear, and the only living creature is a foul old woman, who approaches him and asks what he seeks. The knight explains his quest, and the old woman promises him the right answer if he will do what she demands for saving his life. The knight agrees. When the queen bids the knight to speak, he responds correctly that women most desire sovereignty over
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