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Romeo and Juliet Act 5 Scene 3  Carissa- Paris, Balthasar     Stefani- Juliet Tyler- Romeo Caleb- Friar Lawrence Cameron- Montagues, Capulet, Prince *Paris tries to feed Romeo jello* Paris: Romeo! Eat your jello Romeo: No! Paris: Romeo (Cooing tone) Romeo: (Turns head away) You can’t make me! Paris: C’mon! This is the third time this week Romeo! Eat your flippin’ jello Romeo: I will not be oppressed! Paris: *dramatic sigh* Romeo: (throws fork at paris) Never!! Paris: I give up. I’m outta here.*walks into Juliet’s room*Do you want this jello, ma’am? *waits a few seconds* Guess not… *exits while muttering under breath* Monatague: Wait! I want the jello! Capulets: No! Give it to me! I want it! Romeo: *moves toward Juliet’s recliner* Juliet… Juliet… Juliet… X6 Juliet: *no response*…show more content…
*** Capulet(s) and Montague(s) should be a group of elderly people who are friends with Romeo/ Julie. They live on opposite sides of the nursing home.*** Friar: Oh dear. Well while both sides of our community here were too busy fighting over foolish things like Bingo standings, they failed to notice the blossom of kinship between ol’ Romeo and Juliet. Capulet: WHA!!!!??? We thought she had a thing for Nurse Paris. She is quite the cougar. ;P Friar: Obviously not. They felt pressured by everyone, though, and there was a little misinterpretation, but they agreed they would rather die than be apart. Had nothing else to live for *solemnly* Balthasar: I’m afraid I convinced poor Romeo that Lady Juliet had kicked the bucket. Now it makes sense why he wanted those pills…. Ops Friar: See!?!?! Capulets: Now all our fighting seems silly. Montagues: I know, right Capulets: Friends again? *Hold out arms* Montagues: Friends! *Hugs himself* Deal! We possibly could have saved them if we had only seen the signs. Let’s let nothing get in the way between Verona Nursing home again! Capulets: Agreed *Shakes his own hand* Prince: (closing

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