Romeo And Juliet

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Name: _________________________ The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act II Study Guide II.1 1. What is the purpose of this brief scene? 2. Do Romeo’s friends know that Romeo has fallen in love with Juliet? How do you know? II.2 3. According to Romeo, why is the moon “sick and pale with grief”? 4. How do Romeo and Juliet feel about their respective last names? 5. Why is Romeo unafraid to to tell Juliet how he feels? 6. Cite lines that show Juliet is less impulsive than Romeo. 7. Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon. 8. Who brings up the idea of marriage? Cite the line number. 9. According to Romeo’s last words in this scene, where do you think the next scene will take place? 10. Define imagery. 11 – 15. List five examples of imagery in scene 2. II.3 16. Cite lines that show how Friar Laurence regards plants. 17. Why does Friar Laurence think Romeo has “sinned”? 18. Explain what Friar Laurence meant by, “Young men’s love then lies/ Not truly in their hearts but in their eyes.” Do you agree? 19. Why did Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? Cite lines. 20. What advice does the Friar give Romeo at the end of the scene? II.4 21. How do you know that Tybalt is still angry? 22. Romeo does not tell his friends about Juliet. What does this silence reveal about him? 23. Why does Shakespeare include the humorous scene with the Nurse? 24. What instructions does Romeo give the Nurse? 25. Can the Nurse be trusted not to tell Juliet’s parents? II.5 26. Why is Juliet worried and frustrated at the beginning of the scene? 27. When the Nurse arrives, how does she act? 28. How does the Nurse seem to fee about the marriage? II.6 29. Find a line that expresses a feeling of foreboding. 30. What advice does the Friar give Romeo about love? Cite the lines. 31. How soon
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