&Quot;Iron Jawed Angels&Quot; Movie Analysis And Women Suffrage Movement

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Iron Jawed Angels Essay After watching “Iron Jawed Angels” I gained a strong sense of reality when witnessing what women had to do to achieve their independence and gain a place in a male dominated society. Up until the late 19th century, women were perceived as homemakers and were allowed only domestic duties in society but with the emerging industrial/political system women could now use there domestic skills to propel their voice in American government and society. Industrialism allowed for change in society and even encouraged it. During the 19th century, change was abundant and people had to be forced to become accustomed to it for it was needed. Freedom and equality for all citizens was continuously being stressed in society and with these ideals came realization from all walks of life that everyone deserves to be heard and considered. This awareness of self-empowerment gave birth to all kinds of social and political revolutionary movements from all minority groups in America. The idea of being able to have your own ideas, preferences, values, morals, etc. excited these movements and encouraged people to take action. Industry played a key role in propelling the women suffrage movement because the jobs that were now being created were of domestic relevance. All kinds of female-oriented jobs were emerging and with these jobs also came female empowerment. It was considered socially unacceptable for a man to partake in domestic duties and these jobs served as the backbone for progressivism in the American industry by essentially giving women a “foot in the door” to revolutionizing the American industrial system as well as the political barbarisms that slowed progress in our society. Soon after the emergence of women in the workplace came a female political voice in American government. However, a female political voice proved much more difficult to

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