Quit That Bad Habit: Cigarette Smoking

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July 23, 2012 Quit That Bad Habit: Cigarette Smoking Cigarette smokers should consider quitting this extremely dangerous habit because it poses life threatening health issues, is a burden on finances, and is a threat to families and society. Of the most preventable causes of death, AIDS, drugs, alcoholism, motor vehicle accidents, and crime, cigarette smoking is number one. The price of cigarettes combined with expected medical expenses make the habit a very expensive investment. The simple act of smoking a cigarette affects the lives of everyone in communities and households. What is the reason for 20 percent of all adults to continue a habit that has no positive results and potentially kills? Although there are so many alternatives to quitting, the success rate remains low. There is never a time too late to quit. Smokers must simply begin with the decision to do so. Smoking is the number one preventable cause of some of the most dangerous health issues and deaths in society today. There is a public service announcement produced by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) that features a woman that looks as if she could have been a beauty queen or super model before she started smoking cigarettes. After many years of smoking, she eventually contracted some form of throat cancer. She now looks 15 to 20 years older than her actual age, has no hair, wears a wig, and she uses a trache in order for people to understand her when she speaks. This is only one example of the extreme health risks that people impose on themselves when they smoke. When most people think of the health risks of smoking, they automatically think of cancer. There are other serious illnesses contracted from smoking such as aneurysms, bronchitis, heart disease, and strokes. The truth is that cancer is only one of over 65 diseases that kill smokers today. Smoking not only causes the body long-term

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