Question on Critical Study; 60 Lights

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‘Images, photographic or otherwise, operate in a dense network of relationship with other forms of representation, textual, visual and psychic…Jones’s interest is not only in photography’s capacity to precisely render historical moments…but even more in a transcendence of fixed positions via incandescent insight.’ Choose 3 chapters from ‘Sixty Lights’ and discuss the above statement. Use detailed textual reference to support your responses. The vast majority of Gail Jones’s novels, including ‘Sixty Lights’ develop a ‘pre-occupation with the transformative effects of light.’ Jones recognizes a photograph’s capacity to render moments in time, though focuses mainly on the transcendence of fixed positions viewed with incandescence. Lucy Strange, the protagonist of ‘Sixty Lights’, realizes that light is present within a number of mediums; objects, texts, memories and even passionate insights. This is particularly evident in her diary where she notes ‘Special things seen.’ Throughout her lifetime, Lucy discovers that actions and insights woven during a moment of passion have about them a bioluminescent quality that makes them so magnificent. These passionate moments, not only provide evidence of history but also provide ‘a point of access, an emblem of potential.’ ‘Special Things Seen’ expresses Lucy’s private insights; ‘In her private notebook of special things seen, Lucy devoted almost ten pages to the oceanic night sky. It was like a glimpse of creation expanded; it filled her with awe and an impulse to artistry.’109. A rich metaphor is developed, whilst comparing the ocean to the night sky. This description paints a sparkling creation of Lucy’s perspective. The simile ‘like a glimpse of creation’ adds depth to the world, and sights seen within it. Lucy wishes not only to capture a special moment in her life, though also develop its beauty through words on a
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