Rami In The Shadow Of The Banyan Analysis

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Beyond the Senses The spiritual world of Raami in Vaddey Ratner’s In the Shadow of the Banyan Our presence in this world and the things around us are not always defined by how we see them or how we recognize them. We are bathed in an essence of being, it is up to our perception to recognize and fully interpret this idea of life. Because one does not have the ability to touch, taste, feel or see does not necessarily mean it is not in existence. In the absence of something, someone, there is still a spirit, a floating memoir, keeping whatever it is they left behind here in this present intact. This spirit can be manifested in unthinkable ways and often times unbeknownst to us we are encapsulated by it. In Vaddey Ratner’s In the Shadow of the…show more content…
It is often hidden beneath the dark cloak that genocide immerses the country in but she clings to the idea that beauty still exists even with its obvious absence in many places surrounding her. Because something is not necessarily alive, does not mean there is no spirit. The first destination Raami and her family come to meet is a Buddhist temple within a small town. Papa speaks to her in the little remaining time they have together, “‘No matter what ugliness and destruction you may witness around you, I want you to always believe that the tiniest glimpse of beauty is here and there’” (72). This reassuring her to believe. The spirit of calmness and the beauty of the temple is what emanates the effect that something, someone, somewhere is alongside Raami. In this knowing she is greatly connected to the past of what it had been. This past represented all the inhabitants who had once lived and laughed amongst each other, the golden rays of the stupa walls which had ricocheted from person to person in times before them. There is a sense of solace to be found in the sheer knowing that something once had been, and this giving Raami the idea that it could once again be. This ever-growing feeling of hope from her connection to the temple walls arises. She begins to believe “If I looked hard enough, I would find what I was looking for. Here, on the banyan-shaded ground, the temple harbored…show more content…
There is an essence powerful enough to change our lives and in Raami’s case keep her alive. The spiritual world is a thing rare, if not impossible to decipher. There are layers that build one’s soul and beyond this earth we may not live on but something else can. A spirit can be taken away, broken down but never will it be lost. Through the spiritual connection to the poetry and stories her father enlaces in the mind of Raami, through the spiritual connection to the family she still has and through the spiritual connection to the beauty that the entity of Cambodia is she finds consolation. All that she can interpret beyond the senses gives her life, a reason to live, a reason to

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