Queen Elizabeth's Tilbury Speech

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Anthony Castellano 11-19-12 Ms. Miller 1st period Queen Elizabeth’s speech at Tilbury Queen Elizabeth’s speech at Tilbury allowed her troops to march almost fearlessly into battle, by placing courage and passion into her troops’ hearts. Her word choice, tone, organization and knowledge of her audience gave her a better chance at the success of war. Throughout this speech Queen Elizabeth uses careful word choice to inspire those who are preparing for battle. If you notice in the first sentence she uses the word “we”, this provides a feeling of safety and well-being not only for her but for the troops and the country in which they are fighting for. This may give the troops a greater will to fight not only for themselves but for their families as well. Next she mentions “rewards and crowns” paid to all noble and successful troops. This gives the troops motivation to win the battle for they can benefit personally from victory as well. As you can see the Queen motivates her troops in a couple of different ways. She fills her troops with a will to survive for their families, gives them motivation that they will be rewarded with the outcome of victory, and also fills them with patriotism which is the inspiration to protect their country. After reading this speech out loud it gave me a better perspective on how the Queen’s tone plays a big role in filling her men with courage and inspiration. She wants to touch her troops emotionally and make them feel connected in a way that will inspire the troops to fight for their queen and the country they represent. She states that she is “nothing but a weak, feeble woman” but follows it by stating “I have the heart and stomach of a king”. To me that line is filled with a great amount of emotion, if I were one of her troops I would be greatly inspired and ready to take on any obstacle in which the act of war may
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