Qnt 351 Bims Case Study Part 1

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BIMS Case Study Part 1 QNT 351 July 08, 2014 Ballard Integrated Managed Services Overview Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS), headquartered in New York City is a support service that specializes in providing housekeeping and food services to several corporations and institutions. Specifically, Team A was consulted too look at one issue at Douglas Medical Center who is having a high employee turnover rate that BIMS is responsible for providing services. The General Manager responsible for that area is Barbara Tucker who overseas three divisions and a total of 452 employees providing food service, housekeeping, general cleaning, and physical plant maintenance at Douglas Medical Center. The past four months there has been an increase of the employee turnover rate of over 64%, when the previous year’s averages have been 50-60%. Team A will be researching the problems BIMS is facing to determine the cause of the decrease in employee productivity, morale, and the increase of customer complaints from the hospital staff and administration. A survey was administered by BIMS to the employees asking them questions about how they feel about the company, how many times they called in sick, if they were well trained, if they are paid fairly, and if they like their supervisor. Our hypothesis is that low pay is the cause of the increased turnover rate. Instruments for Data Collection The instrument used in collecting the data was from a survey sent out to all 449 employees excluding the top management personnel. The survey was sent out with the biweekly payroll checks to ensure every employee received one. However, only 78 employees returned the survey, resulting in a 17.3% response rate. This data is what Team A used to evaluate the issue against BIMS. Data Collection & Level of Measurement Data can be can be categorized as either
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