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Pyc4811 Assignment 02 Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on August 15, 2013
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Alexander Georghiades

Student no.: 50792725


Assignment 02

Due date: 23 July

Extension date: 30 July

Unique number: 870206

Table of contents

1. Cover page pg. 1

2. Table of contents pg. 2

3. Introduction pg. 3

4. What is community? pg. 4

5. The community and its problem pg. 4

6. Principles of community psychology pg. 4

7. Conclusion pg. 7

8. References pg. 9


The aim of this text is to present a specific community and a social problem that affects this community and then to describe how I would formulate a program that embodies the core principles of community psychology. It is important to note here the principles of community psychology that we will attempt to embody and portray in our program are prevention, empowerment, participation, interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration, a focus on the positive and respect for diversity, all of which or core principles and/or values of community psychology

This may all initially seem like a reasonably simple process but as we will come to see uncovering and putting forth an actual community, delineating a legitimate problem and relating these core principles of community psychology is in fact not such a straight forward task.

What is community?

Before we proceed with presenting our community and its problem let us first try to get a general understanding of what is meant when referring to a “community” and why one should be aware of the assumptions and theory on which the definition relies.

The term community is one that arouses much speculation and debate in the social sciences, both on what it constitutes as well as if such a thing as a coherent community even exists. A definition of community in itself can be quite diverse in so much as it can refer to a connection or unity based...

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